Hedgehog mushroom and chèvre pockets

In the Pacific Northwest, snow is an event. Because we don’t have the need for a snowmobile brigade like you might see in the Midwest, a lot of snow means you hunker down until it passes. May as well pass the hot cocoa and enjoy the dreamy view.

So with a snowstorm outside, I found myself with this wonderful recipe from Chie that sounds so warming, so perfect for lunch on a cold day. Piping hot, mushroom-filled phyllo squares! But, darnit, nothing that fancy can happen in my house right now. Since the snow is deep, we’re not making runs to the grocery store. And anyway, school is out. There are Playmobil villages to build, construction paper to cut, snarky fights between bored siblings to break up. Snowball fights to win!

With these faces, who can think about the kitchen?

The winter wonderland does make me think about grabbing my camera, though, which I did more than once while we were playing outside yesterday, begging off so I could document the heavy branches and billowy drifts.

Since I only had a portion of the ingredients on hand, today I photographed the truncated version of what will be a beauty when I can back out of the driveway again and go pick up some phyllo dough, shallots and the proper herbs. You’ll also have to imagine dollops of creamy goat cheese tucked into the mushroom sauté, which will, in its next incarnation at my house, be the filling.

Even without all the fixings, these regional mushrooms made for a wonderful lunch. Also known as Sweet Tooth, these mushrooms are dubbed Hedgehog for the spiny protrusions that cover their underbellies like shag carpeting. They’re firm, like Chanterelles, and pretty in the pan since they keep their shape. And oh-so-good with garlic, a bit of humble onion and a splash of white wine. Heaven.

Hedgehog & Chèvre Pockets
by Chie

Hedgehogs are another lovely mushroom that are delicious in soups, sautées, and sauces.
Hedgehogs are similar to chanterelles and can be interchanged easily.
I love my mushrooms simple, like this versatile recipe.

2 medium shallots, sliced thin
2 large garlic cloves, sliced thin
2 T butter
1 lb hedgehog mushrooms, brushed or washed and dried thoroughly
¼ c sake or dry white wine
2 T marjoram, chopped fine
¼ c chives, cut across into little o’s
¼- ½  c chèvre
sea salt
black pepper

Sauté the shallots in butter. Add garlic when the shallots start to look a little limp.
Add the hedgehogs and sauté. When the pan starts to look dry, add the sake or dry
white wine. Let evaporate. Add the marjoram, salt and pepper.

Remove from heat and add chèvre and parsley.

Serve on a boat of romaine lettuce, on toast points, as a filling for
pita pockets or wrapped and baked in phyllo dough. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Hedgehog mushroom and chèvre pockets

  1. Dear Jenni,
    Your beautiful photographs of nature, foods and children always brighten my day! Today we are sitting beside the warm fireplace looking out at snow frosted trees and tiny birds gathering on our bird feeder. When I opened your blog it was so much fun to see your darling children playing in the snow. All of your recipes are so unique. I plan to try this yummy mushroom recipe as soon as we can dig out from the ice and snow!
    Stay warm.

  2. As always, gorgeous photography and a mouth-watering dish. Oh my. Hope cabin fever isn’t hitting you all.

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