Buckwheat buttermilk crackers with Oregon-grown pumpkinseeds


Remember the Day in the Life books from the ‘80s? The other day I received an email from a photography center in Seattle announcing a similar project. Any photographer can sign up to take photos during a single 24-hour period in June. Selected images will be exhibited the following month.

This idea, a visual experience of simultaneous action, came back to me when I saw the remains of one of our rhododendron bushes, a victim of severe pruning, on my way home from a walk. I’d never seen that shelf lichen before. The white rings were glowing in the mid-morning light, the same light I try to catch on the back deck when I’m photographing food.

Funny that that was going on all winter, growing without me noticing, growing while I’ve been at the computer or the school or the vet. Funny how things make an exit.


So much goes on in a 100-foot radius. After I snapped some photos, I left the lichen to grow some more and went inside to make crackers.



I was inspired by these raw, Oregon-grown pumpkin seeds. And by the fact that everyone says making your own crackers is easy.

Easy is what I need. Because if you photographed everything that happened in my 100-foot radius last week, there might be enough images to fill a glossy coffee table book. New pup. Organized utility closet. Gymnastics birthday party.  Crazy big backyard shrub. Pruners. Hummus. Stacking deadlines. Stacked up cookbooks. Mice in the engine. Stolen credit card number. Doggy ear infections.

Here’s some therapy: Pull up a recipe for pumpkin seed crackers. Visualize substitutions. Grind up three kinds of seeds. Mix them with baking powder, flour, sea salt, pepper and fresh rosemary. Drizzle in olive oil. Drizzle in buttermilk. Add whole seeds. Mix. Make balls of the dough and flatten them out onto parchment with the heel of your hand. Bake for 19 minutes.

It’s all going to be okay.

IMG_0745  IMG_0726

I substituted sesame seeds for flax and used a mixture of buckwheat flour and millet flour in place of the barley. I used only a few grindings of black pepper, omitted the garlic and went light on the rosemary. They’re buttery and perfect with a bunch of almond butter when you need to eat lunch at your desk.

IMG_0755 IMG_0763 IMG_0775

17 thoughts on “Buckwheat buttermilk crackers with Oregon-grown pumpkinseeds

  1. These crackers look fabulous, Jenni! I like the substitutions you made. Wow, you do have a lot going on…our credit card number was stolen a couple months ago, too – what a hassle. And I’m sorry your pup has an ear infection. The lichen pics are beautiful and I’m glad you had a chance to take them!

    btw, can’t get enough of Suzanne Goin’s book! I made the halibut with savory creme fraiche and meyer lemon salsa…so good I’m making it again tomorrow night for guests. I’m trying the semifreddo with rhubarb for dessert.

    • Thanks for the Suzanne Goin tip. We had a pasta dish the other night that was good but very labor intensive. I haven’t had halibut in ages so I’ll earmark it for my next one to try. Yeah, our poor guy has double infections! But I think he’s already feeling better after a few days of the ear drops. Thanks for your encouraging words – sorry your credit card was stolen, too. Next week things will settle down a bit!

  2. Once I made my first batch of homespun crackers, I was ruined in the best way. The was no going back–store bought crackers would no longer cut it. I’m going to try these out this weekend, but I can already tell they will soon be on my list of favorites. What delicious therapy!

    • I know, Anne. I’m hooked now, too! I may need to partner up with my friend who has a good dehydrator and make up a batch of the raw ones. Thanks as always for your visit!

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