Apples and changes

We’re inviting you back on Thursday to check out our new format. Chie and I will join forces and bring you one mouthwatering, all-inclusive post every week.

Until then, let me content you with this basket of fruits from the Farmers Market. White peaches and Chehalis apples. You haven’t heard of Chehalis apples? They were developed in their namesake city, just down the road, and grown right here in Olympia. They taste like the mellow, smiley grandchild of Granny Smith. The one who loves to hum and always has a few strands of grass stuck to her sweater.

One thought on “Apples and changes

  1. Can’t wait til Thursday… LOVE your description of Granny Smith! gorgeous photo… I’m picking apples from my tree this week. Look forward to what delicious recipe you come up with!!!!

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