Ratatouille, in anticipation

As we were clearing the counters following our book club meal, our host reached into her fridge and opened a plastic bag to show another member the nettles she just picked in her yard. Nettles. Last week I mentioned them as if foraging was time out of mind. As if they wouldn’t show up until […]

Settle in for now

The squash I made two weeks ago must have been among the last. Other than the apples grown in Washington last season, which have long been cellared, everything in the produce department says “California” or “Mexico.” The peppers and cucumbers that I surgically avoided throughout the fall when the local ones were gone (I’ll take […]

Nettle pesto

I’m trying not to talk about the weather at the beginning of every post. But it’s difficult after a week like this, when the changes outside were frenetic. We had a hard, day-long rainstorm last week then more rain, intermittent sunshine and pockets that were overcast and perfect for schlepping the camera along on a […]

Feta frittata with stinging nettle and smoked salmon

Over the weekend Chie and I went foraging. It was bright and warmer than it’s been in months. The late afternoon light highlighted something I hadn’t noticed about stinging nettle before: the newest leaves are  a deep purple, sewn through with the palest of greens. I don’t know why this makes me giddy. Chie and […]